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At Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar, our canvas is sneakers. Yeah that's right, canvas sneakers. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy our sneaker art experience, and its fun for all ages. Our classes are self-guided, with cool instructors to help bring out the creative side in you. Sign up for a class or book a private event for your group. Here's how...

Step 1. Go to our BOOKING page to view what classes are being offered. Choose your event and register. If you don't see a class for you or want to book your own private class, click here.

Step 2. Check your email for your class confirmation and the start time of your event. Please arrive a few minutes early to pick the perfect seat. We provide the shoes and supplies, including an apron to keep your clothes clean. All we need from you is your shoe size. 

Step 3. At Kicasso, no two pair are alike. Our instructors will show you the basic process of painting your shoes. So, get ready to relax, and create a wearable masterpiece.

Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar
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